The In Your Street Program

Colleen is a key part of the In Your Street program that is a partnership between Uniting Communities, the Cambelltown City Council and the community in the Campbelltown City region.

In Your Street links older people with others in their local community creating self-sustaining connections that provide a greater quality of life for all participants and a renewed sense of community spirit.

In 2013 in Campbelltown the focus is on creating opportunities for residents to meet and engage with their neighbours, with a particular focus upon identifying and recognising older people who may wish to be involved in connecting with others.  This is where Colleen comes in…

The roots of the idea were in the story of the real Colleen and what came to be know as the Cosy Club.  You can read the story of Colleen and the Cosy Club in a PDF.

Colleen the caravan will be transformed into a large tea pot and cosy, a mobile conversation starter that can be transported around communities, street to street, connecting neighbours through the opportunity to talk and share food and drink together.

These connections will form lasting relationships that will both raise the awareness of the gifts and wisdom that older people bring to communities and the also build a sense of a vibrant community life and belonging within your local street and community.

People will come together to knit, weave, tomboy stitch and crochet expressions of their place with woollen yarn. These creations will be pieced together and form the ‘teacosy’ over Colleen

All people in the community will be encouraged to be involved – individuals, families, children in schools, community clubs and centres. We will connect as many people as possible, especially those who are the most isolated and to identify community champions with a focus on showcasing the skills and talents of older people.

For more information, contact  Barbara Donaldson, Neighbourhood Support Programs – Social Inclusion, Uniting Communities, Ph: (08)8375 1197 Fax: (08)8375 1190 Mobile: 0408 202 818



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